Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cake balls, bites and in our case -drops - The fad has taken over!

Have you ever opened your fridge and looked in side and thought, how did I get here? That is what happened to me this morning.

So back to the balls, bites, drops. It started as a huge misunderstanding. My stepdaughter, an 18 year old in her senior year of economics, had a school paper to write on starting a business. I thought she had to carry it through to fruition and I took off. Did I say MISUNDERSTANDING??? She only had to do it conceptually. So we started cake dropping like mad. Taking surveys, taste test, my pantry was a sweet tooth's heaven. Her friends loved them and that is how I got where I am. This morning, the fridge, scouring for something to eat but noticing that only cake drops lived in there.

So now I am on a quest to raise money for breast cancer. I am making these tender morsels of cakey goodness in order to get people to donate for the cause. I always felt really cheesy just saying, sponsor me...well cause you just is a good cause. This way I actually have some form of trade. Buy these fabulous drops of cake and icing and feel good about yourself, cause you are donating to a cause and you get to eat them...what is better.

I have added some pics of these little things. Flavors abound and combinations never cease to amaze me. When you have an 18 year old with a school of friends that is constantly coming home saying..try this..or that. You get some tastey and terrifying concotions!

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jay.broughton said...

You are amazing baby! I love you!